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Based on an assumption that in the near future, people will get the ability to travel to space for holiday purposes. 

Artemis is designed to create a game-like user experience and ease of user journey, based on the problems that are studied from the existing travel booking apps and sites.


the aim.

Artemis aims to pinpoint the complications and issues in the UX/UI of many travel booking sites/apps and to later create a UI that is to ease the overall process by shortening/simplifying it. By choosing an unlikely location such as Mars, the project set the premise of this design where it needed to be fault-proof, uncomplicated and not intimidating for the intended user.

Artemis logo

the users.

Due to the unlikely destination of Mars, there was a need to create futuristic personas that are classified per class system that already exists in normal travel booking sites i.e. first class, business class and economy class. For the sake of the set premise, such classes were divided through the questions of "who are likely to travel to Mars from Earth?" and "why would they travel such distance?" 

professional spacer.

Frequent travellers between Earth and Mars, often for work-related reasons. This group are the likely people who would have membership benefits in booking journey. They seek out comfortable and convenient travel experience and they want their pre-travel journey to be just as easy.

permanent martians.

This group are those who are seeking to travel to their destination to often stay at long terms of residency. Therefore they travel at greater intervals, pack heavier luggage during their travels, and have lacking experience with the overall journey, hence they seek out the most help and information with the booking sites that they are exposed to.

galaxy enthusiast

These group of users are inspired by those who travel often for recreational purposes. They travel light, within budget. They seek out special offers, best flight prices with least travel time. They do the most research in booking sites, therefore are the most exposed group to the journeys offered in sites and application designs.

the user flow.

It was vital for this design to have a very intuitive and game-like flow for the design to answer the challenge that was set at the beginning of the process. The general approach of setting out the destination, to selecting the tickets to upgrades and payment was viewed to be consistent throughout the travel booking application and site designs that were utilised as design research. The real question was how to make those sections connect to each other seamlessly and make a fun experience during the booking process.  

overall ui.

To answer that challenge, the side panel was designed to give the user a more fluid flow, for them to select their own journey, at the same time interact with more innovative and exciting ways of completing each task, i.e. the calendar interaction, the finger scanning for sign in, the seat selection design etc.

Artemis UI

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