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a freelance project for upgrading UX/UI of website, and rebranding.

CDL is the U.S. based truck driver training and recruitment platform that wishes to achieve ease in use, increase their number of visitors and generate an enhanced end-to-end user journey from the moment users enter the site to the moment they sign up to their programs. 

On top of that, as part of a solution to their problem statement, a refresh in the look and feel of a very aged website was suggested. For that a rebranding work was also initiated for this project.

The process


Gathering data around the well-performing and ill-performing aspects of site

Generating an audit for all the user flaws across the site and recording them


From the said list, potential solutions were listed and presented. In which, a priority list was generated.

Moodboards were generated for the website redesign, as the site needed a facelift as well as UX/UI optimisation


A content hierarchy was generated through the audit to optimise the IA, and to generate a user flow.

From the new IA, the new designs were generated with the new user journies and look-and-feel.


The homepage

From the newly generated information architecture, it was decided that the three main functions of this site (all which lead to sign up) were finding driver schools, finding jobs and articles.

The homepage on this new design was treated as a quick access hub to all the functionalities of the site. On this page, the user could access driving schools, job opportunities and simple sign up. 

CDL_mob_homepage 3.png
CDL_mob_homepage 2.png
CDL_mob_homepage 1.png

On this module, the user is informed about the benefits of creating a profile and is provided with a CTA.

The following module is the job finder module, providing top 5 listed jobs with fast apply functionality.

Finding schools allows the user to search for schools in their region and choose from the dynamic list.

Job application experience

The trucking job listing is one of the main functionalities of Therefore a sophisticated and easy-to-use experience of job hunting and application was needed to be generated, with an ideal profile creation finalising the user journey.  

As previously mentioned, a "quick apply" function was embedded into the homepage. Additionally to that, the navigation also adopted an easy access tab that would direct the user to the main job listings page - "Find jobs".

From there, the user could see the most recent and popular jobs listed but also could search/filter through the trucking jobs that they are particularly seeking. From which an in-line interaction follows allowing users to apply to multiple jobs, without being directed to a new page. From the end of the journey, an option for them to generate a profile with their input data (for fast profile creation) is prompted.


Finding schools and sign up

Like the job application, the homepage also caters for a shortcut for the user to search the driving schools near them for them to apply. Also, as in the job search experience, the quick access to driving schools can be done through the top navigation. 

The search of the "Find schools" page allows the user to seek out driving schools across states and cities of America. From this, they are then directed to the state/city page of the driving school, where a listing is provided for the to quick apply. 

When the user clicks on to "Sign up" they are then prompted to an in-line signup flow to match the users to the perfect course.

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