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What is it?


Genius is a multiple service platform based app that functions on a collaborative user system that allows the users to provide and exchange services that they are capable of such as tutoring, plumbing, painting etc.  within the Genius Platform. 


Genius app design

Basic User Needs


Browsing from many projects made by others to see the rating and quality of each project to save for later needs or to ask for a free estimate quotation to do easy price comparisons, and a project log for future uses.



One of the most frustrating parts of finding the right person at a moment of need is when user cant be sure if the service provider is trustworthy, good or available. This aims to resolve that by making it easy to connect.


This app also functions for the service providers, especially freelance workers as a portfolio of sorts that allows the customers to easily connect, view their work to give quotations. 

Payment Interface

Genius App tries to resolve the issues framed around their service industry whether in regards to the planning, payment, quotation or all the time that goes to waste in between these processes. 

For that it was vital for the payment processes to be done across the application's platform as well. To do that, Genius has the UI of a gamification process when it comes to setting up payment details of the users, and the platform uses smart notification system and email alerts to ensure that the due payments are done with ease of a single call to action.  

Sign Up Journey

The Sign-Up journey for Genius App is an important step for its user, for the app does the devision between the Customer and the Profession in the Sign Up journey. Such complex division however still needed to look friendly and easy to go through. So in the design the Sign Up Journey was distinguished in 3 steps: ​


This section consisting of the common details of the user whether they are signing up as a professional or as a customer; i.e. their names, their contact etc.


After user makes a choice about continuing their profile as a professional or as  a customer, they customise their app per their choice of service that they are interested in.

Credit Card


The third step of the journey is the final step where the account details for the professionals and the payment details from the customers are taken in a simple, highly intuitive manner.

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