A digital art series that was created to reflect on my emotions to the days of the week. The styling is inspired by Japanese print work, street art and classic silk paintings that are adorned with beautiful geisha figures.



Through the colour scheme of the site and artworks, not only did I want to reflect the street art, but I also wanted to reference modern Japan with its neon colour schemes and graphic typography.

In these art series, I chose the three most significant days of the week that I personally have to go through. Tuesdays are my productive day of the week. Finally, through the Monday jitters, Tuesday allows me to collect my thoughts and boost through the day.

My Fire-day geisha represents the level of productivity that I often perform on Tuesdays - that I am on "fire" so much so that I represented the element with the dragon on her shoulder that also is the direct translation from its Kanji characters.



Strangely enough, most of the time, Wednesdays have been the most fluid days of the week for me. Always agile, always changing in its purpose - some days you get nothing happening, some days very busy... I guess that is the beauty of Wednesdays... its unpredictability. 

And coincidentally, in Japanese characters, Wednesdays are represented with the "water" kanji. To represent that, I chose the most modest geisha in her outfit. She represents her element through the umbrella that she is holding, which has the koi fish print over it to further express my point.



Thursdays have always been my favourite day of the week. They don't hold the exhaustion of Friday, the chaotic energy of Saturday, and don't hold the "end-of-week" vibe of a Sunday. However, the way it is placed is never that far from the end of the week for you to feel disappointment either! T

In Kanji, Thursday is identified as the "wood" day and I have to say, this geisha representation was the hardest for me out of all the three. I wasn't sure how to incorporate the "wood" element to the artwork until the golden gown I coloured inspired me to adorn her kimono with the autumn leaves. 


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